“We ain’t done nothing yet.“ 


"What if I’m coming to the end of phase one, and it turns out I’m no good at phase two?”


I LOVE YOUR BAWSON ONE SHOTS! They give me strength to get me through these tough times (not knowing if it’s getting a second season). So, in conclusion, love you and your stories 😍😘😙

oh gosh, this is so nice!! I’m totally with you re: the uncertainty of Pitch’s renewal, so hearing that anything I do/write is helping is such a lovely compliment.


Holy shit, I really do not know where to start when it comes to your writing. You are an over all phenomenal writer and part of the bawson writing club that has paved the way for bawson fanfic. Starting with the smut because it is an easy thing to praise without getting ridiculously emotional. “Like a Young Saint” is a series I always reread when there is a lag in Bawson content. It is smut that makes you appreciate sexuality even if the circumstances are not always 100% realistic or in canon.

Pt. 2. Now this is the emo stuff that tends people feel things. I admire everyone’s dedication to this fandom, especially yours. A couple weeks ago, you were doing so much digging into baseball and Ginny’s background, and you weren’t even going that deep into it in the fic you were writing. That is the whole core of this fandom, dedication, and that is something I think about when I think of this fandom and your writing.

oh, gosh. this is too much!! I’m turtling into my shirt right now. Thank you!!! (Also, thank you for going through some of that rabbit hole stuff with me a few weeks ago! It was a huge help!)

Now, I’m a little incapable of saying anything more about me (I’m a little overcome in a good way), but I’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to this awesome fandom! you are 100% on the nose when you say dedication is a hallmark of both Pitch and bawson fans. Every one of you, from writers to gifers to the most casual of fans, has only made me love this show even more!! 

hi! I’m new to pitch and wondered if you could rec some bawson fics?


Omg there are so many that I love. Seriously, you should definitely read pretty much everything in the AO3 tag (yes, I’m aware there’s 438 fics, but it’s worth it). I honestly have so many favourites, but I’ll try to pick just a few at random (these are some older ones, because I figured they’d be the hardest to find going backwards!)

my heart stops when you look at me (just one touch now baby i believe) by fortunatedaughter 

She comes to resent the words – Look what we got here. Ginny Baker, in the flesh. What the fuck does that even mean, her being there, somewhere, in the flesh? She’s not important; no matter what her Pop hopes will happen with baseball when she finally masters that screwball.


the soulmate au no one asked for.

These are the practice oaths by lowriseflare & threeguesses

In the wildcard game against the Mets, Ginny pitches maybe the most beautiful game of baseball Mike’s ever seen.

half of what you see and none of what you hear by elegantstupidity

3 times the media thought Ginny Baker was dating a teammate + 1 time she definitely was.

so if you want to, you’ve got the green light by mardia

“It’s not that big a deal,” Mike tries next, and then his mouth runs ahead of his brain and he blurts out, “Okay, but did you just have a lot of one-night stands in the minors or–”

Ginny’s lips thin. “Mike.”

“Because that would be fine,” Mike quickly adds. “If you had. Or, uh, hadn’t.”

kill each other (like civilized people) by elegantstupidity

Ginny’s got a problem. It would be unsportsmanlike if Mike didn’t offer a helping hand.

AKA: Baker’s gonna be the death of Lawson and vice versa.

Seriously though, there are SO MANY amazing fics in this fandom. Sooner or later I’m gonna update my bookmarks on AO3, so I’ll just link people through there!