Love your writing and the newest chapter! Amazing, amazing job!

Thank you! That’s always really nice to hear, especially after struggling to get that chapter written the way I did 💖 😘

and idk i just love this gif



i miss caffeine. so. so. much.

@monkshoodr: ugh, yes. I had to give up caffeine sometime last year because it was messing with my sleep schedule too much. Now i still have the weird schedule but without the ability to drink a coke

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I’m new to Tumblr. How old is this post? How is the #pickuppitch campaign going?

Hey there! This post is from earlier in the month, before the ATX Festival, which was the site of @pitchstreetteam‘s final stand. In spite of getting basically everyone’s attention, no one has actually offered Pitch a new home and the organized campaign has come to a close 😦



can’t decide if i should post the next chap of why do the yankees always win? or another prompt fill before i go out of town this weekend…

Ummm… I’m greedy – both?

if only. i feel like that’s significantly overestimating the speed at which i can edit something. Especially since one of them is 5x as long as the other

@monkshoodr replied: ugh! wtf are those??? that’s horrifying

right?? They’re from this show called Jay Jay the Jet Plane which was apparently a spinoff of Thomas the Tank Engine? Looking over the wikipedia page, I feel like I was too old to be watching this show when it was actually on, so how it permeated my unconscious effectively enough to basically give me nightmares nearly 20 years later is a mystery

Then again, looking at this thing, I’m not that surprised

Thoughts on Dottie and Jimmy? I shipped them without reservation.

yes!!! no offense to bill pullman or whatever, but he should’ve continued with his 90s trend of never making it out of the movie with the wife/girlfriend that he started with. (and okay, that really only applies to sleepless in seattle and arguably independence day, but I think my point stands.)

but here’s the thing: it is so so so rare for me to ship characters who don’t have some kind of romantic subtext. And Dottie and Jimmy had it in spades. 

I am 100% positive that Jimmy had fallen in love with her by the time the season was over and Dottie was probably well on her way. Consider: Bob comes back and she tells him, “I thought I’d never see you again.” She thought he was dead. She hadn’t gotten any letters from him in weeks and thought the worst. And maybe she was starting to come to terms with that. And starting to consider who she’d want in her life once she was done grieving. 

Because even though the movie’s fictional, the woman who inspired Dottie Hinson, Dorothy Kamenshek, didn’t go home to Oregon and have a million babies. She played for ten seasons in the AAGPBL and was widely regarded as one of the best athletes (full stop) of her day. Dottie might’ve been able to give up baseball and go home with Bob, but Dorothy didn’t. 

Which is still a baffling creative choice to me, even taking out my feelings about Jimmy/Dottie.

Anyway. I, personally, would just really like to make friends with Penny Marshall. If only because I bet she still has the original cut of the movie, which was something like four hours long and had a ton more romantic development between Jimmy and Dottie. There was even a kiss! 

Why am i cursed to ship things that never have any kind of on screen pay off??